About Our Products

Raised in Sarawak, part of Malaysian Borneo, we were exposed to the traditional cultural folk art of the indigenous tribes, such as Dayak and Penan, who use their impressive and unique weaving skills to produce handicrafts, such as baskets, mats and bags.

However, because of the tedious nature of work and process, as well as the fact that this art form is slowly lacking popularity, the majority of the tribes, despite having a rich heritage of such skills, have been gradually giving up on their skills.

Impressed and amazed by how beautiful the handwoven products are, we decided to introduce to the world the new products such as tote bags and clutches made of colorful polypropylene packing straps, instead of rattan, which is their traditional raw material.

With this, we hope that more people can appreciate the handicraft. This means a lot to the tribe as it not only helps the tribes to continuously nurture this disappearing art, but it also helps empower the weavers in the impoverished areas by creating more job opportunities for them.

We hope their traditional handicraft, incorporated with vibrant and contemporary color, will be sought after in the modern fashion world.


Batik is an ancient technique of dyeing a fabric by which the parts not intended to be dyed are covered with removable wax: wax-resist dyeing. The applied wax resists dyes and therefore allows the artisan to colour selectively by soaking the cloth in one colour, removing the wax with boiling water, and repeating the process if multiple colours are desired. The product of such dying method is still in very popular in countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

Captivated by the beauty of batik motif, we decided to come up with a unique product series with batik as the essence of our design.We strive to put a modern twist to the traditional textile and incorporate such motifs or patterns in contemporary fashion. This includes the design of reusable bags and accessories such as twilly scarves for handbags using Malaysian Batik.

Our love for the fabric generated by this art form has also inspired us to use batik linings in the rattan bags. Each of the batik linings is exclusively selected to match the rattan bags, giving each of the products a sleek and unique look.